Wedding Car Decorations You Won’t Be Able to Resist

Eye catching decorations make wedding cars stand out. Make romantically decorated wedding cars your inspiration when decorating your own bridal transport!


Wedding cars look attractive when decorated with colourful streamers. Decorate your wedding car with crepe paper streamers in colours that echo the weddings’ themes. Bright, yet intimate colours such as pink, blue and beige are examples of common colour themes for wedding cars.

Metallic streamers are extraordinary decors that shine bright in the sunlight. Moreover, they don’t get ruined in the rain, too.

Let the creative and sentimental sides of you shine. Get your brain powers to work so you can come up with nostalgic decorations for your wedding car. Decorate your wedding car in a way that echoes your sentiments for one of the most memorable moments in your life.

Window Markers

Let the world know how much you and your significant other love each other. Write messages on your wedding car’s windows using window markers. These markers emanate clear images on your car’s windows. Don’t hesitate to write romantic messages on your car’s windows that come from the heart. Step out of the traditional norm. Write romantic messages other than “Just Married.”.

“Just Married” Licence Plates

Ride your wedding car in style by putting a “Just Married” license plate on it. “Just Married” plates are explicit indicators of newly married couples traveling on the road. Be proud of starting a new life with your significant other by putting a “Just Married” plate on your wedding car.

Let the Balloons do the Work

Balloons produce upbeat moods for newly married couples. Ride your wedding car in style. Tie balloons on your wedding car that match the colours of the bridal gown and groom’s attire.

Pom Poms Add Touch, Too

Pom poms are the alternatives to balloons. They’re cheaper to purchase than balloons as decorations for your wedding car. Like balloons, pom poms come in various colours and styles. Feel free to choose the colours and styles of your pom poms that’ll complete the look you desire for your wedding car.

Fresh Flowers are More Meaningful

Fresh flower wedding car decorations bring the ceremony to life. Let onlookers relive the moments of your wedding ceremony while staring at your wedding car as it passes by. You can do this by decorating your wedding car with fresh flowers that decorated the venue where the marriage ceremony took place.

The Grandiosity of Stick Flags

Decorating your wedding car with stick flags is a grandiose way to beautify it. Write romantic messages on the stick flags to add sentimental meanings on your grandiose decorations.

Heart Shaped Cut Outs

Create a Valentine’s Day themed wedding car. Decorate it with red heart-shaped cut outs. There’s no better way to celebrate love than making your wedding day feel just like Valentine’s day.

Complete Wedding Car Decoration Kits

Wedding car decoration kits come in various styles and packages. It is best to purchase a wedding decoration kit if you’d like to put all different types of decorations on your wedding car. Plus, these kits will let you save big money than if you were to purchase your decorations individually.